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Haem Deep Dive Support and FAQs

Haematology Deep Dive

Support and FAQs


Is the Zoom registration optional?

No, you have to pre-register in order to attend the Deep Dive sessions on the Zoom platform.

How often do I need to register?

You only have to register once (“once off registration”) for all the sessions in 2023. You will then be able to attend each session using the personalised Zoom link sent to you after registering. Save this link somewhere where it is easily accessible each Monday, or add to your calendar.

Do I need to register at a specific time?

No, you can register at any point in time for the remaining session of 2023.

Why must I register?

It is a HPCSA requirement for CPD auditing purposes.

Do I need to register even if I do not need CPD points?

Yes, even if you do not need CPD points you will have to pre-register to receive a personalised Zoom link to access the meeting(s).

Where will my personalised Zoom link come from?

It will be sent directly from Zoom ( with the subject Monday Afternoon Haematology Deep Dive Confirmation to the email address you supplied during registration.

What if I lose or can’t find my personalised Zoom link?

You can just re-register using the 2023 registration link.

What if my personalised Zoom link does not work/does not give me access to the Deep Dive session?

Make sure you are logged into your Zoom account with the email addressed used to register. Every time you try to access the meeting with another email / Zoom account you will be asked to register again.

How do I know my personal information used for registration will be secure?

Please find the BLOODSA POPIA policies here.

How do I unsubscribe from the Deep Dive mailing list?

Please contact the CPD administrative officer –


  1. For CPD queries or to unsubscribe from the mailing list, please contact the CPD administrative officer –
  2. You need to attend at least 60min of a session in order to qualify for the 1 (one) CPD point.
  3. Your CPD points will be submitted directly to the HPCSA by the CPD administrative officer.
  4. If you are from outside of South Africa you can request a CPD certificate from the CPD administrative officer –
  5. It is your responsibility to enter your personal information and MP number (if applicable) correctly during registration.
  6. Please find the BLOODSA POPIA policies here.


For any other questions or technical support, please email or contact us.

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