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Becoming a Consortium Partner

A Consortium Partner (i.e., Public Haematology Clinic / Unit, Haematology Treatment Centre, Private Haematology Practice, etc.) undertakes to support the establishment of a “collaborative Haematology platform that exists to develop and support education, research, and quality of patient care throughout Africa.”

To become a Consortium Partner, participants need to adhere to the following minimum requirements –

  1. Make available and share, for the use in the Consortium, ‘best practice pathways’ and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  2. Actively participate in cross functional Working Parties to identify, establish, coordinate and facilitate national projects and programmes in haematology.
  3. Actively participate in joint workshops to develop new ‘best practice pathways’ and SOPs.
  4. Actively host joint ‘best practice pathway’ and SOP workshops (development and implementation).
  5. Make available, manage and maintain resources, infrastructure and facilities for related Haematology initiative.
  6. Take ownership, improve, sustain and ensure continuation of related
  7. Haematology initiatives post implementation.

If you are interested in becoming a Consortium Partner, please return signed copies of the CONSORTIUM AGREEMENT and CODE OF CONDUCT.

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Our Consortium Partners

BLOODSA Scientific Steering Committee (SSC)

The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) serves as an advisory body to the BLOODSA Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. The SSC is an independent, impartial team of experts nominated by participating Consortium Partners, who represents the collective needs of the Consortium by identifying, establishing, coordinating and facilitating national projects (cross functional) initiatives. 

Haematology units represented on the SSC

Becoming a Funder

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